A Journey to Running Free

Lots of Change 


Lots of change…Isn't that a constant truth?! Here we go... 


I am officially changing my artist/stage/performance name to Cami Maree. You may have already seen this change on social networking sites, and my website. Though Cami Lundeen will still be out there for some time, and will continue to lead you to the same place, Cami Maree is what I will be going by. 


For a while now, performing has been the means of supporting my family. I am very fortunate to have been able…

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It's Been A Wild Ride! 

It’s been a while. Quite a while. Too long…. 
I spent a few days in the hospital this past week due to complications from my liver disease. It’s been a great reminder of how this musical journey began. A great reminder of my purpose. Who I was made to be. It has once again given me a fresh look at life. A new fire in my soul. The drive and the motivation to make some changes and take some steps I have felt unable to make for some time. 
Here is a quick recap of my journey so far… 

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It's Been A While... 

I’ve had a difficult time getting myself to sit down at my computer and send you all an update.
It’s been far too long and I know I have a lot of new followers and people who have followed me for a while
wondering WHAT is going on and WHEN am I coming home, and WHEN am I coming to your state,
and a multitude of other questions.
Well…IT’S COMPLICATED! Isn’t it for us all?! :-)
DO I miss home? YES! Do I miss the road? YES!
Do I know when or where I am going from here? NO!
Do I have…

72 Days On the Road 

First I must say the only reason this tour is happening and continuing to thrive is because of the numerous generous people who believe in what I am doing and have supported my family in multitudes of ways!! So THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU who have cared enough to put your valuable energy, time, and money into helping us in any way you are able! Please know I am grateful beyond words.
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Emailing List Newsletter for June 2014 

WOW! There are no words to quite sum up the emotions of the tour launch party and everything else that has been happening since the last email. I’ll give you an as-brief-as-possible rundown with links for more. :-)
THE RUN FREE TOUR LAUNCH BENEFIT SHOW this past Friday was a raging success on so many levels! Great turnout and an incredibly magical experience. I am humbled by the generosity of my community! I now have a jump start as I head out with my family on this great adventure. Here is my blog post…Read more

A Letter For My Community 

What do I say after a night like last night?
How do I express the overwhelming love and support that filled the building so much
that every person in attendance felt it?
How do I say thank you to the multitude of people who went far above and beyond what I even hoped?
How do I show my gratitude for a community who gave so generously because they believe in me
and care so deeply about my music and my family’s journey? 

There are no words.

There is nothing I can do or say to even come close to what I felt last…Read more

How Do We Want To Go Out 

The most exciting and fulfilling things in life are also the most terrifying. I don't think it can be any other way.

Over the past six months my family has been dealing with several heartbreaking events including death, loss of home, loss of jobs, loss of friends. In many ways, loss of life as we know it. It has been one of the most emotional periods of my life. It has been one of the most shockingly…Read more

2013 - The End of the Beginning - December 31, 2013 

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas & New Year’s letters. In fact, I can’t remember ever writing one, but as I was typing this I realized I had unintentionally written exactly that.  Something else I realized was that I needed to do this. I needed to revisit all the amazing things that have happened this year, not that I have forgotten, but I needed to go back and focus intently on them again. This past year has been the worst and the best in so many ways. This Christmas season in particular definitely did not…Read more

The First Song - Tuesday, May 23, 2013 


I’ve just received the mp3 for Run Free.
It’s been 2 weeks since I came home from from the
studio in Canada. Ryan has been working on this
for 2 weeks. I’ve been waiting patiently (sort of),
knowing that the longer he took, the better it
would be. I’m planning on releasing “Run Free”
as a single and re-releasing the video,
which is why this is the first song he worked on.

I’m sitting here with my phone in hand,
and earbuds plugged in, but I can’t bring myself
to play it. I’m TERRIFIED to…Read more

One Year Anniversary - Sunday, May 19, 2013 

One year ago today, May 19, 2012,
I made my public performance debut.
The Vashon Island Farmer's Market was
my first official gig & it was paid!!

One year ago today was the first time
my songs were heard. One year is a
long time - yet it's not that long at all.
It is unreal all that I have crammed into
the last 365 days, and to think that I just
finished recording my debut album after
only a year of performing!

A year ago someone took a chance on me –
allowed me play music (for entertainment)
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